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Top Tips for Successful Online Shopping

Catherine Ellwood

Posted on March 26 2020

Top Tips for Successful Online Shopping

We can’t deny it any longer Online Shopping is becoming huge.  Online shopping grows by 15% every year and last year was responsible for $3.5 Trillion in sales in the US alone.


Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives these days and how handy is it to get that present for your mum from delivered to your door!!  Or those shoes you’ve been eyeing off for months are now on sale for this week only, but you don’t have time to go do battle to get a carpark and then finally get into the store only to find they have sold out of your size.   So why not order them online and have them at your door in 2 to 3 days.


Feeling confused and overwhelmed about all this Online Shopping?  If you follow my tips on what to look out for you will successfully be able to navigate your way through buying online.


 #1.  Make sure the website is secure. Always check the URL of a website, a secure website will have a https://, if it only has http:// (the s is missing) then it’s not secure and don’t enter your details on this site.


#2.   Do they have a contact page, so that if you have any questions you are able to contact them easily?


#3.   Once you know the site is secure, take a good look around the website and find where the product is being shipped from, is it Australian based or is it being shipped from China?


 #4.  What are you being charged for shipping? There is no use buying an item for $20 only to be charged $25 for shipping, what’s the point of buying the item! Generally, when items are shipped within Australia the cost is approximately $10, it’s the overseas purchases you need to be wary of charges.


 #5.  Make sure you check the time frame for shipping. Find and read the shipping section of the website, this is really important especially if you need the item for a birthday or Christmas in 2 weeks’ time.  Most Australian websites will get your order to you in 2-3 days, it’s the overseas purchases you need to watch as they can take weeks to clear customs.


#6.  Found the perfect product? Then please read the description to make sure it’s exactly what you are after. If you have any questions, use the contact page to send an email.


#7. Please read and fully understand the refund policy. Do they offer a refund if you need to return your purchase or do, they only offer a store credit?  Are you happy with their refund policy, if not don’t buy from them?


 #8.  If you are buying clothes online, then please read the size guide on the website and most importantly know your own measurements. Clothing brands are all different, some can be a small fit or true to size, it depends on the brand.

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