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Never Under Estimate the Value of a Great Pair of Shoes

Catherine Ellwood

Posted on July 19 2019

Never Under Estimate the Value of a Great Pair of Shoes

So when it comes to shoes are you budget-conscious?

I guess we all are in a way, not all of us can afford a pair of Jimmy Choo's!!  But still, a great pair of shoes will still cost you between $100 to $250.

So do you go for shoes that are practical and will go with everything in your wardrobe or do you love to lash out and buy yourself those print pair of pumps that will only go with one or two things you own?

I'm a bit of both, yes I have purchased the printed pumps that only went with black, and the pink pumps that well..... let's say have only been worn to one Melbourne Cup Party!!  (oops that was expensive)

However, I did invest in a fabulous pair of Black Patent Boots from Jane Debster Shoes earlier this year and OMG I have worn them absolutely everywhere!!  Not only do they go with everything but they are so comfortable!!  And I have had compliments from so many people, even an elderly gent in the local coffee shop last Sunday!!  He loved them, Go Figure!!

What I am saying is that some times you do need to pay $200 for a pair of shoes, so whether it's the strappy sandals or the boots, just make sure they go with a few things in your wardrobe before spending the big bucks so you get maximum wear and loads of compliments.

My Black Patent Boots have come in very handy during the Style Sista photo shoots, check out our outfits you may have some cute boots to go with them!!


Image result for jane debster boots  Boho Dress - Style Sista HQ




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